f Marblehead Studios - Philosophy
The photography services and photographic art of Blake Jackson.

On Interests: My experience and interests are wide and varied, ranging from nature, landscape, and macro work, to super-panoramas, portraiture, candid, and event photography. Perhaps this is evident in this online portfolio. I believe that this wide range enables me to better adapt to my client's unique needs.

On Style: I don't think that I exude any particular style in my work, but I do like the challenge of capturing an everyday object or scene in a way that is unconventional or unexpected. While it can be rewarding to try to mimic the work of masters I admire, I also enjoy the creative freedom to compose images that are unlike any others I've experienced. The rest of the time I feel as though I am simply documenting a rare moment in nature or elevating a scene that might otherwise be easy to take for granted.

On Format: The digital format and retouching capabilities can be forgiving and/or a crutch, but my goal is that each shot requires little to no post-processing, producing an image that is either more pure, natural, or both. A majority of the images in this online portfolio are completely un-retouched, just as the camera took them. When necessary I follow a more basic digital workflow such as exposure compensation and white balance editing, leaving the subject, cropping, and color range as is. I prefer the magic in front of the camera, not the computer.

On Technology: Technology is a tool. Its application enables the artistic expression and my ability to overcome the lighting, action, and composition challenges of a scene.