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The photography services and photographic art of Blake Jackson.

Marblehead Studios partners with yacht clubs, regatta organizers, and other affiliated organizations to offer full service on-water & on-land photo coverage of regattas of all sizes. I can offer comprehensive coverage, and a somewhat unique approach to capturing the typical boat-under-sail scene along with up-close coverage of the skipper, crew, and dynamics aboard a sailboat during a race.

From birthday parties to corporate events, I provide affordable, friendly, and high quality indoor or outdoor event photography. Generally I work to blend in and provide discreet and non-obtrusive services.

The challenge of portraiture is to make people look natural, in a sometimes un-natural, posed, or an ideal-light environment. In addition to personal use, my portraiture services produce images useful for high resolution print, web, email or general marketing purposes.

Capturing a product in a true-to-life or more imaginative form can be a challenge. With proper lighting and macro/close-up equipment I can provide custom product photography solutions. Your product can be shot in a number of ways, including use of solid/contrasting or environmental backgrounds.

There is often more than just point-and-shoot photography to capture landscapes in an aesthetic way. One can rely on luck, or one can rely on timing. While buildings can not pose, it is possible through composition to highlight their strongest aspects and invoke interest in ways people might not expect.